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Mini Warrior Bracelet - Black Onyx

Brass & Unity

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Mini Warrior Bracelet - Black Onyx
Mini Warrior Bracelet - Black Onyx
  • Uplifting black onyx beads

  • Mini bullet shell casing to represent strength and resilience

  • Strong, durable stretch elastic for easy wear

  • A portion of proceeds donated to help veterans

Why choose black onyx?

Black onyx is a stone of power and protection that can shield the mind and body from harmful electromagnetic energy. This onyx bead bracelet absorbs and transforms negative energy, helping to prevent that drain of personal energy and positivity in your daily life. Black onyx beads assist with melancholy, or the release of negativity and feelings of depression. It also helps to calm your fears, leaving you feeling stable, secure, and at peace.

If you could use a little uplifting from handmade natural stone jewelry, this black onyx bracelet for men and women will help rid the negativity from your life.

  • Black onyx mini warrior bracelet

  • 6mm diameter black onyx beads

  • Mini .338 bullet shell casing

  • 1mm army strong stretch elastic

The Story
The beaded Warrior Bracelet is where it all started. This everyday piece can be added to any collection, stacked, or worn on its own. A stand out piece for anyone that can be dressed up or down.

The Brass
Like all of our Warrior Bracelets, this piece starts with a machine forged reproduction brass shell casing. Each casing is then CNC machined to our exact specifications, and is finished off by laser etching our iconic logo onto the casing.

The Unity
A portion of proceeds from this product help fund various Veteran help organizations around the world. These organizations help provide mental, physical, and/or emotional support to suffering Veterans. 

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