The Seven Saints Story

Seven Saints is the brainchild of two besties looking to do business in a completely new and fresh way. Erin & Jen came up with the idea of a Mobile Fashion Boutique - the first of its kind, and loved the idea of bringing their amazing finds right to the people! Housed in a vintage motor home that they've completely refurbished into the trendiest little ladies shop (think food truck, but with the latest in fashion and accessories), you won't believe what they've done with the place! They are completely self contained, including fitting rooms. Seven Saints carries various clothing labels from mid range to higher end (something for everyone!), including many Canadian designers and manufacturers. Our beautiful accessories have been sourced out from local artisans, and we even carry shoes and handbags, all hand picked! Since they launched in 2015, Seven Saints has become a well known name on the Prairies! Now with their online store it’s even easier to shop the Boutique! 

P.S. It’s always FREE SHIPPING within Canada so shop away!